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Can I backup/Copy to a VHS tape, CD etc?
Yes, there are several ways to do it This unit can add optional CD-RW Drive for CD backup. It has USB port which you
        can plug in USB memory stick. You can also download the recorded video to your PC via remote view.
How about Internet remote viewing?
Yes. It requires high speed internet e.g. DSL, Road Runner Cable Modem or T1 etc. This unit has built-in webserver so
        you can login to download this remote view client over the internet. You can view live and playback recorded video.  It
        will works Static IP, PPPOE, and Dynamic IP address.
Do I need a computer to run this unit?
No. this is a standalone unit.  It works without a computer.                                                                              Goto Top
How motion detection work?
The motion detection feature is built-in. You don't need to buy/install sensors, the DVR calculates change of pixels on
        video images.
Does it work with my existing cameras?
Yes, it works with any camera, B/W, Color. But make sure you camera got BNC or RCA output, if you camera has phone
        jack type or S-Video type connector, you need a converter.

Is it easy to setup and operate?
Yes it's easy, if you know how to hook up/operate a VCR.
Can you help setup internet remote viewing?
Yes, call us, we can help you over the phone. Take about 10 to 15 minutes.
Do I need to install/setup any software on this DVR like the PC Based Unit?
No. The software = firmware is loaded by the factory in a ROM CHIP not hard drive. any future software/firmware
        updates will be
available on our company website and you can download them to the DVR via USB port.

I already have a multiplexer and a VCR.
Just hookup your cameras to our DVR and sell your outdated Multiplexer and VCR on eBay.
I need a complete system, not just DVR.
If you can't find the right package, call us (313) 366-5566 We can customize a package for you.
How long will the unit record?
Depends on size of hard drive, # of motions, recording quality and speed.  With a 250GB, anywhere from 96hours to
        4000 Hours.

How do I view remotely with your Digital Video Recorders and Geovision DVR Cards?

The Geovision software will allow you to do Live Remote Viewing. You need internet access at both locations. We recommend a high speed internet connection such as DSL or Cable. A static or dynamic internet protocol or (IP) address from your internet service provider is required. Our DVRs use IP addresses to get from one camera system to the next. You can either use the Internet Explorer Browser or our remote client software which is included with our DVRs and Geovision DVR Cards. Type in your IP address at the remote location to access the cameras and system. All software is included with our DVRs and Geovision kits and comes on the installation CD. No fee is required to run the remote access.

What is the maximum cable length I can run per camera?
You can run a camera cable up to 600 ft. with RG59 and up to 1000ft with RG6 cable.
What kind of connectors do your cameras use?
Our cameras all have BNC Male connectors for Video and 12VDC Male Connectors for Power. All of our cameras are designed to run on RG59 or RG6 coax cable. We also use Plug and Play Cables with BNC to RCA Converters. BNC to RCA adaptors are also available for plugging cameras into a single VCR or TV. Basically BNC and RCA are interchangeable with converters.

Are my current cameras and or system compatible with your hardware?
Provided that your system is CCTV capable and use BNC connections it will work. That is the nice thing about our equipment, it is interchangeable. If your camera operates off a power and BNC video connection, than you can use our equipment.
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What is High Speed Remote Monitoring?
Remote Monitoring is a new revolutionary technology, which allows the user to monitor their locations remotely. The new high speed transmitter lets you monitor the location at a faster frame rate than standard telephone line transitions. Just connect the CCTV equipments to your Remote Video Transmitter, the transmitter gets connected to a DSL/CABLE Modem w/static IP Address. When you're ready to monitor the location, just open your web browser and type in the Static IP address in the Address bar, and you'll be connected to your Remote location instantly. You can access your location from anywhere in the world with the internet connection.

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